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Kodi installation failed on my Apple TV, iFunBox gives Error!

If you see Error Codes like #e80000be or -402652994 or Starting Installation Service Failed.

Please try the following solutions:

– Make sure UDID is copy & pasted correctly. Please send us a screenshot of your UDID on iTunes.

– Remove any previously installed KODI on your device

– Make sure iTunes is the latest version on your computer

– Download the IPA again, make sure the file is around 160MB in size. And try install again

– Try install KODI on another computer, if you can use Mac would be better.

Finally. If all the above options are not working, you can contact our live support during our business hour.

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My Credit Card information is safe with you?

We process Credit Card payment with Stripe (

And we DO NOT store any of your Credit Card information on our end, we only save a token provided by Stripe to handle the recurring payment.

Your information is safe with Stripe.

If you see any suspicious transactions on your Card, please contact your Bank.

Please note: Our payment should ONLY reflect as KODITVBOX on your Credit Card statement.

A chargeback of the payment will cause your subscription On Hold and you can not use KODI until the dispute is resolved.

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How to Update KODI installed?

We will send out emails to you once there are major updates from Kodi. Make sure your email is correct and our domain is in whitelist.

We also will popup notice in Kodi app about updates.

For Apple TV customers, you can always check for update from this URL:

All available versions of Kodi app are listed on their official website:

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Add-Ons not working? How to add Repo, Custom Build?

Our service only covers the installation of KODI app itself, the service fee is paid for the Apple Developer program certificate and the signing facility and support we provide.

Any Add-On, Repo, and Custom Builds are not covered by our service, and we do not provide any support for those. Due to potential Copyright risk, we will not help you with any issues related to Add-Ons and Custom Builds either.

We suggest you seek for support from the official website or forum of that Add-On or Build, they will certainly be able to help you.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Can I install other stuff on my Apple TV , iPhone and iPad?

Since we are installing Kodi on your Apple devices, by signing it with Apple developer certificates, we can offer you facilities to sign your own Apple TV apps and install it just like you did with Kodi.

Currently we do not provide facility to sign iPhone/iPad apps, due to potential copyright concerns.

And we will not be held responsible for anything you install and use on your Apple TV.

Here is the link for our Apple TV customers to sign their own apps:

Maximum 150M IPA file upload allowed.

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How the subscription renewal works?

Here is what happens when your subscription renews:

  1. No matter you are on a monthly or yearly subscription plan, it will charge your default payment method automatically.
  2. You do not need to make manual payment
  3. Your Kodi will continue to work as long as you keep your subscription active.
  4. You do not have to reinstall Kodi on every renewal, unless there is major update or Certificate update.
  5. If your renewal payment charge is failed, we will retry a few times before cancel your subscription.
  6. You can always go to your “Account” page to pay the failed renewal order.