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Web browser for Apple TV

Install a Web Browser on Apple TV – amazing right? You can install tvOSBrowser on your Apple TV.
Please purchase our new subscription, and you can install tvOSBrowser on Apple TV 4K without a Mac or any computer!

How to Use tvOSBrowser

Quick start:

  • Double press on the center of the touch area of the Apple TV Remote to switch between cursor & scroll mode.
  • Press the touch area while in cursor mode to click.
  • Single tap the Play/Pause button to show the Quick Menu, with: input URLs, search Google, reload the page, or navigate back.
  • Double tap the Play/Pause button to: display the Advanced Menu, with: Favorites, History, set/open homepage, change user agent, clear cache, and clear cookies and more.

The Avanced menu lets you:

  • Manage Favorites
  • Manage History
  • Go to Home page
  • Set Home page
  • Change the User Agent
  • Set page Scaling options
  • Enable/Disable WebView offset correction
  • Increase/decrease font size
  • Clear cache
  • Clear cookies
  • Show the usage guide
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How to Install Apps on Apple TV 4K

With the KTB App Store from you can install easily and in the most stable way
KODI 19 Matrix, KODI 20.5 , Kodi 21 and some other great applications on your Apple TV 4K without the need of jailbreaking your ATV. And you do not need to connect a computer to your Apple TV, everything is done remotely!

you can check out this video tutorial.


This works for Apple TV 4th Generation and Apple TV 4K and iPad and iPhone
You will NOT need a computer to install Kodi
You do not need Jailbreak Apple TV, compatible with system version 14/15/16/17.
The installation works as long as your subscription is valid (Not 7 days)

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Video Demo of Installation for Kodi iOS

The following is an outdated tutorial, please purchase our new subscription, and you can install Kodi on IPhone/IPad without a Mac or any computer!

get your subscription now

Following is a video demo of how to install KODI on iOS devices for our customers

To install/update your KODI for iOS, simply just visit this link on your device:

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How to Switch Billing Schedule or Cancel Subscription

Our customer support team can not modify your payment method or billing schedule on your behalf. That’s for your protection.

The subscription will charge your default payment method automatically, unless you manually change or cancel your subscription.

You can change your billing schedule or cancel your subscription in your Account page at:

My Account

Login your account, you should see the page as below:

Click the ‘Subscription’ on the left, will show all your subscriptions, click the one you would like to show the detail:

In the detail page you can Cancel or Change your subscription on this page:

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How to Install custom signed apps (e.g. Safari) on Apple TV 4

If you subscribed our Kodi services, you can sign other TVOS apps too.
Here is the video tutorial on how to do so, please note custom signed apps are not covered by our support.

The custom signing page is:

Please Note: custom signed apps are not covered by our Support.

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My Credit Card information is safe with you?

We process Credit Card payment with Stripe (

And we DO NOT store any of your Credit Card information on our end, we only save a token provided by Stripe to handle the recurring payment.

Your information is safe with Stripe.

If you see any suspicious transactions on your Card, please contact your Bank.

Please note: Our payment should ONLY reflect as KODITVBOX on your Credit Card statement.

A chargeback of the payment will cause your subscription On Hold and you can not use KODI until the dispute is resolved.