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Kodi 19.2 “Matrix” Final now available for download and install for both iOS and tvOS.

Kodi 19.2

New version available for download and install Kodi 19.2 “Matrix“, the second update of this controversial version that incorporates improvements and corrections, undoubtedly the most popular content manager today.

The following article shows the new features, updates, and changes within Kodi 19.2 which have been pulled directly from the official Kodi Website.

Kodi 19.2 New Features, Fixes, and Updates
Fixed: crash when accessing invalid PVR channel from favourites
Fixed: crash on startup while searching for missing channel icons
Fixed: crash on startup caused by missing timer type
Fixed: “Delete permanently” of recordings from trash
Other, more minor bug fixes
Video Library
Fixed a bug that deleted UniqueID’s when scraping the library, which caused unexpected behavior for addons relying on those ID’s
Added translations for emulators and game controller add-ons
Expose icon path of EPG tags as ‘thumbnail’ property
Expose series number of EPG tags as ‘seasonnum’ property.
Websocket: handles partial messages
Fixed: display logic for official and third-party modules