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Kodi 20.5 ‘Nexus’ now available for download and install on Apple TV 4K and IPhone/IPad

Kodi 20.5 is updated for tvOS and iOS. Our subscribers can now update.
The development team for Kodi has just released Kodi 20.5, which aims to be “the final release for the Nexus line.”

Release notes


  • Reverted a number of controller changes that caused massive failures on Android devices. Input handling will now be the same as what was available in 20.3.

Platform Specific

  • iOS/tvOS
    • A change that wasn’t actually in Kodi’s codebase, but a fix nonetheless, means that the inputstream.ffmpegdirect addon is now available to the iOS/tvOS release debs.

… plus, of course, some behind-the-scenes fixes and updates for e.g. library versions.